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Learn About ComTec’s iConnectEDU Solution.

Security Platform

Control the alert security system from a mobile device, laptops and phone handsets

911 Emergency Calls

Detect 911 calls and show alerts on computers and wallboard signs around the school showing the room that dialed and any alert messages

Lock Down Protocol

In an emergency, the system locks all card access, and triggers the police and fire alarm

Automated Security Alert System

The phone speakers in each room, as well as through the integrated paging system will alert staff and students of emergency

Mobile Phone App

Send notifications to groups within seconds on the mobile phone app, and even require acknowledgment or reply

SMS Notification System

Broadcast text alert messages to staff, parents and students. Trigger an emergency response from police, fire and medical teams

Live High Definition Recording

Connect emergency personnel to the on-site phone without user intervention

Live High Definition Video

Record and document all events taking place in real time to analyze exactly what occurred.